Hair and Body Castor Oil

2.0oz / 60ml
100% Natural

Our vegan, multipurpose Hair and Body Castor Oil, designed for especially dry hair and skin, provides nourishment and hydration in a lightweight texture. Our silicone-free formula harnesses the power of key ingredients like castor, camelina, and argan oils to provide quick absorbtion and optimal moisture. Take note: a little goes a long way, especially in hair!


Aroma: Sea salt and bergamot

Best for: Dry hair and skin

Diheptyl Succinate (Castor), Coconut Alkanes, Capryloyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer (Castor/Coconut), Coco-Caprylate/Caprate (Coconut), Argania Spinosa Kernal Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Camelina Sativa (Camelina) Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Fragrance (All Natural)

Featured Ingredients:

Application Instructions:

For hair: apply a pea-sized amount of oil into hands and gently massage into hair, concentrating at ends and working up towards roots.

For skin: massage into damp skin.

Tip: Makes a beautifully gentle & aromatic bath oil! Run a warm bath, adding a few pumps into the running water. Soak for desired amount of time and massage into skin or use your favorite sea sponge to spread evenly. Dab dry and notice your new and improved, all over moisturized self with one step. (Be safe in the tub, as with any bath oil it will make things a little extra slippery.)

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  1. Lindsey

    For starters, I immediately fell in love with this product due to it being all natural and made in the US. My hands have been really dry with this cold New England weather and lotion wasn’t doing the trick. After two days of using the oil on my hands, they began to come back to life and weren’t cracking anymore. I also used this product on my boyfriends ridiculously curly hair when he got out of the shower and it kept his hair tame and manageable. I didn’t like the texture of it In my hair, which is long and straight. For curly hair, it definitely absorbs the oil without making your hair look greasy. You only need to use a little bit. A little goes a long way!

  2. Tiff P

    I can’t even express in word form how much I love this stuff, but I will try. The smell is citrusy and pleasant, and as a shine and frizz control on my wavy, thick hair, it works fantastically! My new go to hair product…although it has many uses, this is mine.

  3. Butterflymomof4

    This body and hair oil deeply moisturizes. It works quickly and effectively. My only complaint is that the pump sprays the oil everywhere. It should be in a spray bottle if its going to do that.

  4. Crystal

    I used this on my body & scalp. This was a great product that not only soften my dry skin but also moisturized my dry flaking scalp. I used it after showering & had best results. My skin is amazingly soft, smooth & hydrated. My scalp feels wonderful with no more flaking.

  5. Shopaholic

    My hair and skin feel amazing with this oil! It smells amazing and didn’t weight my hair down. My skin is extra soft and smells great. Such an amazing product!

  6. AngelaC

    I have not tried this on my hair as I have naturally oily hair but I have used on my skin and it makes it feel amazing. I will continue using this product and recommend it to everyone with dry skin.

  7. Legendsqueen

    Ok I love this hair and body oil!! I can’t get enough of the small. The way it make my skin feel is great. It makes my hair feel so soft. I have curly hair I rub some between my hands and rub through my hair and looks amazing. The only con is the squirt top. You gatta hold it away or it will get everywhere. That really needs to be fixed to much force. Otherwise I would give 5 stars

  8. PaulaGM

    I made use of this oil on the body and on the hair, I definitely have to say that I loved the results on the hair, it left my hair shiny, especially keeping it moist in the midst of the winter’s dryness

  9. Karissa

    I am obsessed with the Seed Phytonutrients Hair and Body Oil! It smells amazing and can be used on your skin and hair. It made my hair very shiny and hydrated. My hair is normally very dry and nothing has worked to keep it hydrated, until I tried this product. This oil hydrated my hair and makes it super soft and silky. It is also great for your skin! I have very dry skin and mild eczema and it keeps my skin very moisturized. This oil is soothing and makes me feel like I’m at a spa. I use it everyday! This was my first time trying a Seed Phytonutrients product. I love the natural ingredients. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals and it does not irritate my skin. I love it so much and highly recommend it!

  10. Rachel Del

    Love it. Noticed improvement within the first week. Used it for my hair, elbows and knees. Finally a product that works. My elbows and knees were a big problem for me. Will be adding this product to my daily routine

  11. Jessica

    I really like this stuff. Typically I use argon or Moroccan oil on my hair but this stuff is way better! Smoothes away all of my imperfections and makes my hair look gorgeous! Doesn’t leave it feeling greasy or oily at all, granted you have to be very careful not to apply too much. The price tag is a bit high for this product though, I would purchase again if it wasn’t so expensive. I did not care for this oil on my body though. Left my skin feeling greasy. I would recommend to friends to use on their hair, though.

  12. Miranda P

    This oil does not weigh your hair down and leave it oily. I have used some in the past that would leave your hair flat and full not to mention some oils can be drying and damaging to your hair! My hair has the healthiest looking shine day after day and my hands are smoother than a babies! Definitely recommend this product!

  13. Heather

    The most refreshing hair and body oil! I use this product daily in order to keep my body and hair moisturized. The product does not make your hair or body feel oily at all, and has the most refreshing smell!

  14. Faith

    I am very happy to find a body and hair oil that works for me. My hair is really damaged caused of bleaching and color it was really dry and fried. I use this oild to treat it and its now getting the life back. It made my hair soft and smooth. I love the fact that its not greasy and smells good. I also use this on my skin. Water is really bad where I live causes my skin to be so dry and itchy all the time. I tried all the moistirizing lotions I can find but none worked until I tried this oil. I feel so releived.

  15. Dawg

    You apply a generous amount to your hair and skin. Make sure you rub it in good because it will leave your skin and hair too oily if you don’t. The oil will leave you skin and hair smooth as a baby’s bottom.

  16. Angb2009

    This oil smelled so nice and made my hair and skin feel so soft. My teenager actually ended up stealing this from me.

  17. Kase

    I love this hair and body oil. Applied right out of the shower on wet skin, it adds softness and silkyness to my skin. I love using a small amount for my hair when it is wet as well, it makes my hair so soft. It smells good and is not to oily or heavy.

  18. Jodster

    I really liked the Hair and body oil. I tried it on my elbows and in my hair. The sent is soft and calming. The oil is not to greasy or heavy. It felt nice on the skin and light in the hair. I was very impressed I have combination skin and dry long wavy hair. I live in the southwest where it is dry most of the year. I would recommend this product.

  19. Katie

    This multitasking oil is wonderful. When I apply it to my hair or skin is smells so good. I love that it doesn’t leave my hair or skin feeling greasy. Instead, it makes my hair and skin feeling soft and beautiful! I also absolutely love that it’s made from all natural chemical free products.

  20. MamaMac

    This Seed Phytonutrients Hair and Body Oil is amazing! First of it has a light enjoyable smell! It is just was it says an oil! It adds such a perfect softening shine to my hair! This oil is so Moisturizing! It’s not only good for hair but my son gets dry patches on his arms and I use this oil to help with those and they seem to go away almost instantly! Aside from its Moisturizing and shining aspects my son also got a massive amount of slime stuck in his hair and neck and I was able to get it all off with ease with this hair and body oil! So needless to say this product is amazing and so versatile!

  21. Ofivereviews

    I used this hair and body oil on my face, hands, and hair. I used a couple of drops on my medium length hair. It was soft, smooth, and shiny. I only used a small drop on dry spots on my face and hands. I really like it because it does not leave my skin or hair too oily.

  22. junlingli314

    I liked using the Seed Phytonutrients Hair and Body Oil. The smell is good and using it was a breeze. The oil was lather and silky smooth! Absolutely am obsessed with this brand as a whole–from the affects, to the ethics, to the local buying from Farmers and down to the recycling. These products work for sure and are effect driven using power of nature. I love the fact all these products are oil based deriving from plants so nothing is going to dry out your skin, hair, etc. The dispenser was a little difficult to use. When I pump I it, it does tend to to spray out and splash the area. Instead of forcefully spraying out, it should come out less aggressively so it does not waste by splattering the area around when dispensing into my hand. Other than that, a good solid beauty product! I recommend Seed Phytonutrients Hair and Body Oil .

  23. souns95112

    I loved the Seed Phytonutrients hair and body oil very much because it is lightweight and quickly absorbs to the skin. It helps hydrate dry skin and hair, this vegan multipurpose oil is really good. It doesn’t leave skin sticky or greasy which is amazing. This is the first time i have tried this multipurpose oil and i am very impressed. I massaged on the damp skin after the shower, it works well for relaxing tense muscles. I will definitely buy and recommend to others.

  24. Crystal A

    I just received this product last night and after the first time of putting it on I’m at in love! It goes on silky smooth. It immediately absorbs into your skin leaving no residue behind! Most other oils leave your skin so oily u can’t do anything. Not this. It almost feels as if I just put baby powder on my body. The only thing I would change is the smell. Would love to try it in a different scent. I get really bad dry hands and nothing works. I can already see some of my dry cracks in my fingers clearing up and they don’t hurt! I’ve already used a quart of bottle over the last 24 hours. That’s how much I love it

  25. Apr-87

    I got this product a few days ago to try. I was worried it was going to leave my hair and skin feeling greasy but it doesn’t! It dries quickly and my skin feels great after a few uses. It has a light citrus scent which is not to over powering

  26. Allykatt1988

    Absolutely incredible! Smells delicious! left my skin soft and not oily, I felt dry and also moisturized, powder soft! Added a little to my hair right after the shower and my hair had beautiful luster and shine. Highly recommend!

  27. Ash

    Love this product. It’s organic, and leaves my hair and skin feeling smooth without any oily leftovers.

  28. westiegurl

    First off – much respect to Seed Phytonutrients, a company whose website has a category entitled,” “”Our Values.”” A company who strongly believes in sustainability”, recycling and making and leaving this plant of ours a healthier, cleaner place. The high standards and ethics held by Seed Phytonutrients is evidenced in the equally high quality of their products. As an African-American woman who has dry skin and hair (natural hair that I wear in dreadlocks), I have previously used hair and body oils. The previous products, while they did provide moisture to my hair and skin, had their drawbacks: loaded with chemicals, heavily scented, oily to the point of making my skin break out. I had no such issues with Seed Phytonutrients Hair and Body Oil. After taking a shower, I would lightly spritz the oil on my still slightly damp skin. I would very gently pat my skin with a bath towel, taking care not to rub off the oil. Fabulous! No need to follow my old routine of applying body lotion after showering. A spritz here and there of Seed Phytonutrients Hair and Body Oil,and I was good to go! A few spritzes to my locs before heat drying or spritzing on dry hair, and I had some healthy, happy hair with a lot less breakage. No funky, perfume-y odor; just a clean, subtle scent. I’m new to Seed Phytonutrients and therefore new to their Hair and Body Oil, but having the opportunity to use it – all I can say is, I love it and have already told my friends about it. Will purchase more before my bottle runs out! I was provided a sample of this product in return for my honest, unbiased opinion.

  29. glorim

    Seed Phytonutrients Hair & Body Oil not only made my hair softer and more manageable but also left my skin soft as well. I like that the product contains all natural ingredients so there is no harsh chemical ingredients. This product easily fits into my daily beauty routine for healthier hair and body.

  30. cf2121

    I really like this oil, leaves your hair smooth and not greasy (I have dry end and frizz) i tried it n my face to and feels good and soft! no signs of broke out! So a plus! Worked wonders!

  31. Lyssakay

    When I first tried this oil it felt like it was doing nothing because it’s so light but once you let it sink in it’s super hydrating. When I put this in my hair it didn’t weigh it down at all but left my hair super shiney and soft. The only thing I didn’t care for was the scent.

  32. Rhonda

    I was a little skeptical about this, because I have very thin hair, and it oil tends to weigh it down. This oil doesn’t do that at all. It makes my hair soft and shiny. It works great on skin too, especially if you use it right after you get out of the shower or bath. My favorite thing about this product is the smell. My husband doesn’t comment on fragrance a lot, but he always tell me I smell great when I have this product in my hair or on my skin. Also, a little goes a long way, so the bottle will last a long time, which is wonderful. I definitely recommend this. You wont be disappointed!!

  33. Tennille

    The oil doesn’t leave an oily residue like some hair and body oils, but I don’t really care for the smell.

  34. Jaddie2229

    When I received it I tried it right away to my hair.. it smells good.. not too herbally and not sweet.. it makes my hair shine and smooth.. I put on my skin and it makes my skin smooth! Wow!i got a dry hands and it helps the dryness go away! I’ll recommend this product.. I’m very satisfied on the moment it touches my hair and body!

  35. Krissy Lomax

    I use this product on my legs and arms for my dry skin and it has worked wonders on me the dry skin is not so dry anymore it has done wonders in my legs and arms and I’m thinking about seeing how it will do on my dry feet.

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