Color Care Shampoo

8.5 FL OZ. / 250 ML
95% Natural

Our vegan Color Care Shampoo was formulated with organic raspberry seed oil, a powerful anti-oxidant, to help protect against color fade without the use of harsh chemicals and sulfates. Complete with a 100% natural basil and nectarine aroma, your lustrous, color-treated hair will thank you.


Aroma: Basil and nectarine

Best for: Color-treated hair

Water (Aqua), Sodium Laurylglucosides Hydroxypropylsulfonate (Coconut), Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate (Coconut), Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine (Coconut), Glycerin (Vegetable), Glyceryl Stearate SE (Coconut), Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate (Sugar/Coconut), Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (Coconut), Lauryl Glucoside (Sugar), Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (Coconut), Glyceryl Oleate (Vegetable), Coco-Glucoside (Coconut), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Guar Beans), Hydroxyethylcellulose (Soft Wood), Fragrance (All Natural), Gluconolactone (Glucose Syrup), Potassium Sorbate*, Sodium Benzoate*, Citric Acid

* = Food Grade Preservative

Featured Ingredients:

Application Instructions:

1. Massage 1-2 pumps into damp hair, focusing at the roots.

2. Rinse thoroughly.

Tip: Use in combination with our Scalp & Roots Oat Mask if you have color-treated / highlighted hair with oily roots

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  1. dog mom

    I used this great smelling shampoo instead of my normal shampoo. I loved the fact that it comes with a present for me after i’m done with the shampoo!

  2. Alicia

    Been searching for a shampoo that I really like. I have tried so many and received this product to try and I love it. I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week so this bottle will last me a good while which is great for the price. After each wash I notice my hair being softener, stronger, less noticeable split ends and less breakage occurring. My color has also stayed bright with no fading. I will be purchasing this shampoo again.

  3. Tabitha

    After using Seed color care shampoo I was so impressed how it made my hair color so vibrant. I also love, love the bottle and how it comes with seeds to plant and biodegradable! I think ever bottle should be this way! I would definitely recommend as it is such a great product and definitely showed with all natural ingredients how good it worked with my colored hair! I would have gave it a 5 star but I almost couldn’t bare the smell! It is a very strong smell and at first it smells bad, I definitely dont think I could do it as a everyday shampoo. All in all a great product!

  4. Shanrich

    I actually love the whole idea behind this shampoo. Its eco friendly and the bottle itself can decompose. They even put seeds in the bottom so you can plant something. The shampoo itself smells really fresh and just like herbs to me. This shampoo is sulfate free so if you like a shampoo that lathers up real good then this isn’t the right product for you. I have really long hair and I feel like I have to use a bit more for my hair to get washed good… but that might just be me thinking that since it doesn’t lather up. My hair smells like herbs all day which I didn’t think I would like but I actually do. It’s very refreshing. My hair doesn’t feel dried out or even super greasy throughout the day. All in all its a win product for me. I really appreciate the idea behind it and Im a gardener so the seeds were much appreciated!

  5. Miss Becca

    I have used this shampoo for a while now and overall I do like it. It comes out of the bottle easily, i like the packaging and the look of it. It makes my hair feel refreshed when using it. It seems to make my hair feel better. The only thing is that the smell is a bit too strong for me. It doesn’t smell bad, but it can be a little bit overwhelming for me. Overall I do like the product. I like using color treated hair shampoo and this is a good option.

  6. Ashley

    I’m thankful that I was chosen to review this product because I’ve been wanting to try this brand. I’m a lover of all things cruelty free so this was exciting! This shampoo smells amazing and works so well for my hair type. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week so the product is still plentiful. I’m definitely purchasing before I run out!

  7. Jtvegan

    I have never heard of this brand before I tried this Shampoo and let me tell you I am in love. I used two pumps on my damp hair and massaged through the ends and rinsed off. It has a nice earthy natural fragrance and left my color treated hair shiny, clean and smelling beautiful. I love the pump on this product. It’s vegan, paraben and sulfate free. This is better than any other shampoo for color treated hair that I have used. I definitely will buy again.

  8. ccdomin

    I have used this product daily for a week and love it. My hair has blonde highlights. It does not leave my hair feeling weighted down or greasy. It left my hair feeling clean and refreshed. I wash my hair at night before going to bed and sometimes my hair is still wet when going to bed. I do use heat products on my hair and this shampoo showed no signs of negative effects. The only negative I would state is I wish it had a cleaner or lighter smell. The scent is a little strong for my taste.

  9. Sarah368

    The first time I used this product I instantly fell in love with the scent. It left my hair shiny and clean feeling.

  10. Katies9

    I’m always iffy about organic shampoo. They either don’t feel like they wash your hair or make your hair feel gross. This one is awesome! My hair smelled good! My hair felt soft! My hair looked great! I’m obsessed!!!

  11. Kelly C

    I had never heard of this brand prior to a couple weeks ago, but I have been pleasantly surprised. I love that it comes in a biodegradable package. The shampoo lathers fairly well, has a mild scent, and leaves my hair feeling clean even if it’s a few days between my last wash. Love that it is color safe as well. I would definitely recommend trying if you are looking for an environmentally friendly shampoo!

  12. Melba

    I think this shampoo is so fun! It is in an eco friendly container that you can compost, which includes seeds to plant. The shampoo smells nice and works well in color treated hair too. The only thing was I needed to use quite a few pumps of shampoo because I have long hair and one pump wasn’t nearly enough.

  13. CaseyCafe

    Let me start by saying, I LOVE how this product is environmentally conscious. Pros: It lathers pretty well, makes my hair feel clean and doesn’t fade my color. I currently have bright red hair with neon pink highlights. My bathtub is usually a hot pink mess with my normal color treated shampoo. Not with this stuff! It barely ran! Cons: the only real con (aside from one I will mention next, but it’s mostly my issue.) is the smell. The basil in the frangrance is OVERWHELMINGLY strong. It completely takes away from the citrus notes. Though, after washing it out, the basil smell completely dissipates. The only other issue is that I have a very sensitive scalp. Basil oil is very strong and harsh and it burned my scalp and broke out my forehead almost immediately. I continued using the product until the bottle was empty, but the burning and irritation didn’t subside. Overall, if you’re looking for an environmentally conscious brand that makes great products: I highly recommend!

  14. Victoria the Great!

    This allows my color to stay vibrant while cleansing my hair and not leave it looking like straw. My hair looks healthy despite all the color and abuse I put it through with styling! Highly recommended!

  15. Stacy A

    I was very excited to try this shampoo. It’s supposed to be super healthy for hair, as well as the environment. It says on the bottle to use just a couple of pumps but I have long hair so I used a lot more. It didn’t feel like shampoo at all, it had a very thin consistency, so it didn’t even feel like i was washing my hair. I didn’t like that. It also had a very strange smell and strange after-smell. I feel like I should wash with my regular shampoo now. I do love that it’s eco friendly and the bottle is compostable and comes with a packet of seeds inside of it. I wouldn’t buy this product or refer it to anyone.

  16. Gharris

    I feel good using this environmental friendly shampoo. I’m getting used to the earthy scent. It suds up nicely and cleans hair well.

  17. SquishyEyes

    This shampoo is great! I love the all natural ingredients and the smell of the shampoo. I recently had my hair colored and I feel like this shampoo has really helped me maintain the look I have right after leaving the salon. My hair also seems shinier and softer as well. I will definitely be buying this again.

  18. Angel

    I had never heard of this before, but from the second you pull out the completely recyclable bottle, you can’t help but love it! The smell is amazing, it leaves my hair (dyed beyond belief) silky soft, and the ingredients make me feel good about buying it! I am in love, and want to try more in the line!

  19. Dyed Hair in PA

    This shampoo appears to be gentle, and left my hair light and feeling good the first 2 days I used it. On day 3 I was not as happy with the condition of my hair. On day 4 my hair felt brittle, as it did on day 5. My hair is quite dry, and even though I continued to use my conditioner in conjunction with this, it just didn’t appear to be hydrating enough to be an everyday shampoo. I do, however, think that this would be great for me to use as a once or twice a week product. I must add that I was not a fan of the smell of this product- it reminded me of rosemary or thyme, which is not something I really want to be smelling on my hair. The smell was not off-putting enough to prevent me from using it, just would prefer another scent. I did receive a free sample of this product for purpose of review, and was unaware of this brand/ have had no experience with their products before trying this one.

  20. Jessica H

    Love that this shampoo has no harsh chemicals in it. I have been using this shampoo for about 2 weeks and it does what it says as far as protecting and prolonging my hair color that I recently dyed. The smell I am not particularly fond of since it is strong at first but I was able to get used to it now. I had not heard of this company before trying the shampoo but I love how they use organic farmers to grow their sunflower seeds. Now since trying the shampoo I will be going and getting the conditioner. Also love the fact that they use packaging that helps the environment. Overall great product for color treated hair.

  21. Indymom77

    This shampoo is unique among other products on the market. The biodegradable container that contains seeds for planting later is unlike anything else I have seen. Regarding the shampoo itself, it works very well. My color looks great and this shampoo has left my hair looking shiny and feeling and soft. The pump on this is great as it controls how much you dispense so you only use what you need. This one shampoo bottle should last me at least a month. Overall great product!

  22. SamySays

    I have color treated hair, so it’s nice to find a vegan,” sulfate-free shampoo like this that is gentle on my hair. I like the fresh “”green”” scent that it has”, almost plant like. It’s unique and different than any shampoo I’ve tried and is a product I would purchase more of. I have long hair, but it works through it pretty well and gets it nice and clean without drying it out. My hair feels soft after using it even before I condition. I like the pump dispenser, the compostable packaging, and that it is cruelty free. This is a nice shampoo I would recommend trying.

  23. Stephanie W

    This shampoo has a couple great things going for it: it’s nice & foamy, which isn’t a given with a sulfate-free formula, and it works well without drying my hair out. It also doesn’t take much – only about 1.5 pumps. The drawbacks: it’s scented with basil oil, and in my opinion, smells like an Italian restaurant. It’s also a very small bottle for the price. I like it, but wouldn’t get again, unfortunately.

  24. Corrik

    Ok first off I do love how this product is better for or harmless to our environment. It’s all natural. The smell was odd and my husband liked it but I did not. Finally it didn’t rinse good from my long hair. Maybe someone with a different texture? If they make one that rinses better is certainly buy it.

  25. Sandra

    Everything from this brand Seed Phytonutrients is amazing, especially their Color Share Shampoo! It’s in a similar container as their lotion. Eco-friendly packaging, seed packet inside and amazing ingredients that will leave your hair feeling absolutely amazing! I have colored treated hair and it does not damage my hair at all! It has protective raspberry seed oil in it that leaves your color in – not stripping it! It has a very distinctive smell – super organic smelling! I would highly recommend this product to anyone!! Love it!

  26. nata0000

    After i tried this color care shampoo, my hair fell clean, soft and radiant I’m not a huge fan of the scent, but it is wearing on me and not over powering. It’s hard to find a natural product that won’t strip your color.

  27. ChrisNicole

    I used this product yesterday and was not impressed. It was almost impossible to lather my hair and after rinsing it out it felt like I had never shampooed it to being with. I ended up rewashing with my regular shampoo just to make sure that my hair was clean! I also was not a fan of the scent, very strange smell….

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