Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream

2.5oz / 75ml
98% Natural

Our vegan Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream harnesses the power of organic Jojoba seed oil and shea butter to tame even the most frizz-prone, unmanageable hair. Just distribute evenly through your hair, from ends to roots, for a clean and smooth finish. Complete with a 100% natural orange flower and parsley aroma, your hair will love this amazing treatment.



Aroma: Orange flower and parsley

Best for: Frizz-prone, unmanageable hair

Water (Aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol (Mixed Plants), Glyceryl Stearate SE (Coconut), Glycerin (Vegetable), Behentrimonium Chloride (Rapeseed), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut), Cetearyl Glucoside (Coconut/Sugar), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Heptyl Undecylenate (Vegetable), Coconut Alkanes, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Hydrolyzed Adansonia Digitata Seed Protein (Baobab), Sorbitol (Fruit), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Trehalose (Sugar), Acacia Senegal Gum (Acacia Tree), Coco-Caprylate/Caprate (Coconut), Tocopherol (Vegetable), Pullulan (Tapioca), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Guar Beans), Fragrance (All Natural), Gluconolactone (Glucose Syrup), Potassium Sorbate*

* = Food Grade Preservative

Featured Ingredients:

Application Instructions:

1. Using a dime size of this formula, first spread evenly in the palms of your hands and inside of your fingers.

2. Apply onto damp or dry hair.

3. Gently massage hair shaft from ends to scalp.

4. Style as usual.

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  1. mellie1984

    I’ve been very sick with a respiratory infection and as a result have NOT tried any new products.

  2. Bam618

    Works well… will be buting again

  3. A Campbell

    I really love this company and their other products but this one did not work for my hair. I have really thick hair that tends to be frizzy after I blow dry it. This anti-frizz smoothing cream did not leave my hair as smooth as some of the products that I have used before. I love the way it smells but did not work for me.

  4. Mindyk307

    I live in the South so the humidity levels are high and my hair stays frizzy. I have tried so many brands and they’re either greasy, they stink or they don’t work. I am so happy I found this! It works so well! Not too greasy, nice smell and I can be outside all evening without having frizz come back. I will definitely buy more of this product!

  5. Marrin

    I put this in my damp freshly shampooed hair. I didnt like the scent right away. Once my hair dried, the scent was very different and I actually really liked the smell of my hair. My hair was very frizzy, moreso than normal. It felt very dry and looked dry. Unfortunately this product didnt work well for my dry frizzy thin hair. 🙁

  6. Jan Jan

    I have used so many products ranging from high end to drugstore and nothing had helped my fine dry hair. I trieda tiny drop of the Anti-Frizz Smoothing cream on my towel dried hair and that was all I needed. A little goes a long way! Blow dry and ready to go! Super impressed and will definitely be a return customer!

  7. Joely313

    Thank you viewpoints for saving my hair life!!! I put so much chemical In my hair that it became fry and thanks to this hair product my hair looks an feels healthy!!! I’m here For it ? thank you soo for these products I’ll never again use anything else ? I recommend this hair line ?

  8. MelV32

    The product is easy to use as directed and works like it should. It smells good and isn’t greasy like most other frizz products I have tried

  9. imacarolinagirl

    Let me start by saying this product is one of my favorites by far! My hair is usually a frizz mess, always having to applied several different products to try to control it. Everything changed after the first time trying this product. Only needed a small amount of it to take care of my hair. The results were amazing! My hair looks and feels healthy and soft. I don’t have to be concerned about how it looks, every ten minutes, because if it!

  10. Krissy

    For reference, I have 3A curly Caucasian low porosity thick hair that is long, inches past my back bra line. I used this product 3 times on wash day & 4 times in between wash days. I wanted to use it several times before reviewing b/c first impressions don’t necessarily mean much when it comes to hair products. So far, I’m LOVING this silicone-free mostly natural product! It hasn’t left any build up, but only used it 7 times. It does what it says it’ll do – smooth down my ends for a frizz free hair day. This cream is not too thick at all, it’s not one of those creams that are so thick that you can tip your finger over & shake it & the cream won’t fall off. But it’s not too thin either, it has a wonderful consistency that reminds me of a leave in conditioner but more luxurious. I smooth it on my hair in sections, starting at the ends & working up mid way. I don’t smooth it over the top portion of my hair strands b/c I already use Seed’s Moisture Leave-In Conditioner & don’t want too much product on my hair. In total I use a tad more than a dime size amount on my entire head. Then I use my favorite gel, air dry till 75% dry & finish off w/ 20 minutes of blow drying for volume. This product does not let me down. It leaves my hair shiny & soft, oh soo sooooo soft! I even use it on my dry hair, a very small amount rubbed on my hands & then smoothed over the back & sides of my hair that’s up in a ponytail. It takes the frizz away & gives my messy ponytail look a more polished & soft finish w/ gorgeous 3rd day hair! Overall a great product that can be used on wet or dry hair even though the instructions say to use on wet hair. If you’re looking for a leave in to drench your hair in, this is NOT it. But if you’re looking for something that I described in my review than this product is for you. I am def purchasing this over & over. For real, I really like this product enough to spend $26 on 2.5 ounces of it. That says a lot!!

  11. AllieH

    This product is ama omg for me since I normally straighten or blow dry my hair. It works well to tame my hair in the whole processs. I have used it 2 times and I can tell the difference in my frizz control when using it. I would love to continue to use this product in the future.

  12. Xenia

    So I have a few things to say about this anti frizz cream. For one it really does help with frizzy hair. However I didn’t like how it made my head feel. I’m not sure if I just had a reaction to it or what because my head got super itchy. I have shorter hair. You only really need a little bit. I was very surprised at how well it worked. I did not like the smell though. It reminded me a natural soap. Overall though it really does work.

  13. Penni101

    I was not aware of the Seed Phytonutrients products prior to receiving this smoothing cream. But I am impressed with the packaging and ingredients in this product. Almost all natural and organic. Minimal packaging and recycled box. After a long winter, my hair is staticy, frizzy and dry. I used a small amount before drying my hair and am back to normal now. Hair is soft and silky. The scent is very mild and hard to pin down. Almost like a mild sage/orange scent but not overpowering at all. Very pleasant.

  14. Cari

    I love my Anti-Frizz Cream. It helps my hair with my out of control frizz. It doesn’t dry out my scalp or make my hair look grossm it makes my hair shiny and goes on great. It helps control the frizz throughout the day. I have recommended it to friends and family and love this product more than any others.

  15. amandabee

    As a person whos hair is usually a frizz ball, total mess… unmanageable… this product has been a huge life saver. Usually I have to straighten my hair, use a ton of products, etc… just to get out of the house. Since using this product, my hair not only looks better but it feels better to the touch. The packaging is really awesome, the tube makes it easy to dispense so you get all the product out even in the end. Its small enough that you can just toss it in your purse if needed. I have applied this product while my hair was wet/damp and have even applied it lightly when my hair was dry to finish off my styling and both ways are great. The product smells amazing, the scent last on my hair all day which is awesome. Since starting this product a few weeks ago, my hair looks so much healthier and my frizz is so much more manageable. It doesn’t weight my hair down at all or make my hair greasy, which is a huge positive for me since most products do this to my hair. If you have hair like mine, I highly recommend trying this product out – it is awesome!!

  16. JaeLea

    It was easy to use, I put it in right after my shower. A little goes a long way. It has a unique fragrance, but I liked it. Don’t use too much as it can make your hair look greasy. Great product. Natural.

  17. Nellwill2

    This is so much better than the product I’ve been using it really works on frizzy hair I’m really pleased with it. This is the first time I’ve heard of this product and I will continue to use it

  18. LittleMsBWord

    I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! It has really helped my hair be freeze free and full of moisture. I use it daily for an extra treat.

  19. Aj1214

    I have curly hair and I switch from straight to curly depending on my mood. I used this for a few days and I just don’t see a huge reduction in frizz. I think the texture of the cream is nice. It’s thick and smells clean and fresh. I used it as recommended with a curly hair style. All other things being equal in my styling routine I didn’t see a real difference. I did notice that I had a little flaking but perhaps the cream didn’t mix well with my other gels and mouse. When I used for a straight hair style I use a flat iron so it makes my hair smooth anyway. But it did make my hair less flowy. I will use it up but I don’t think I’ll get again as it’s not that big of a difference.

  20. erountree

    I’ve used this product about 5 times now, each in a different scenario to compare the results. Let me start by saying I love the packaging! It’s so environmental friendly and the squeezing tube is so satisfying to use. It smells like a dream, and the amazing scent really stayed on my hair for a long time,” which is a huge plus for me. The reason I am giving three stars is because the whole proposition of this product is to “”nourish and tame frizz”” for “”frizz-prone”,” unmanageable hair type””. Unfortunately”, this product did not manage my frizz, no matter what finish I have to it (styled with blow drier, left it to air dry, used cold air on blow drier, etc). Additionally, it left my hair very heavy and thick, even when I tried applying just a teeny tiny amount of product. That says a lot, because my hair is extremely dry and getting it to feel heavy, oily, is not an easy task. I like the proposition of this product, but unfortunately it did not work after 5 tries. I will absolutely continue to use it though to see if any long term results are achieved.

  21. Matt

    Works very well

  22. Ria1e

    Seeds Anti-frizz cream is a great product to have on hand. Having unruly curly, this ant-frizz cream works wonders. I even get complimented on how wonderful my hair smells. I love that it is all natural and there is no residue left in my hair that other hair products leave behind. A great hair tool to have on hand.

  23. CNG2019

    i have long naturally curly hair that I blow dry and flat iron straight. I also get it colored and foiled several shades of blonde every 8 weeks, so my hair takes quite a beating! I spend a lot of time on it, and I want it to look nice all day long. I,actually, used this product on my dry hair, after I finished flat-ironing it. My goal was to tame the fly-aways and keep it frizz free all day. It worked! Not a lot is needed! I just took a small amount and rubbed it in my hands, and then focused that on my very dry ends. Then I took a little more and went over the top of my hair to keep it looking smooth. This is not a tacky or sticky product. You won’t ‘gob it up’ when you use it. The scent is wonderful! I popped it in my bag in cause I experienced some fly aways during the day, but I didn’t! My hair looked great all day.

  24. Kitkat30

    The Anti-Frizz Cream doesn’t compare to others out on the market right now. If you want fast results this is just what you have been searching for. I will continue purchasing this item for my wavy hair and my daughters extremely curly hair. It works great. I was never aware of this item before trying it once. I have been telling everyone about this item. Its great!

  25. Gidget

    Very smoothing, the paper wrapping got a bit soggy on the counter top, but overall great great product.

  26. Lainey

    I was given this product for free for my honest review* I did like this product- it cut down on frizz and didn’t leave my hair greasy like most other frizz-control products I’ve tried . I liked that it wasn’t a heavy scent and the packaging is nice as well. I would recommend this product to someone looking for a more natural anti-frizz cream.

  27. JBardon

    I received this product from viewpoints sampling. I used this product after showering using no shampoo and a sulfate free conditioner. I then combed my leave in conditioner in with a shower comb and applied Seeds anti-frizz smoothing cream. I allowed to air dry. It really conditioned my curls. I just started curly girl method and my curls have gone crazy! The picture on left (1st picture) is before CGM and second pic is my curls using CGM and Seeds anti-freeze cream. Can’t wait to use the Seeds leave in treatment!

  28. Tropical Monica

    I have super frizzy hair and live in humid Savannah so I’ve tried SOOOO many different anti-frizz creams. This one is wonderful…doesn’t feel heavy or make your hair oily and being an environmentally responsible company only makes it better. I would definitely buy this Anti-frizz again and will be trying more Seed products.

  29. empusagirl

    I have to say I was hoping for more with this product. It makes my hair feel sticky and somewhat stiff. It didn’t smooth my hair much unless you count the stiffness holding it down. It made my hair look dull. No shine. The smell is not great either. I don’t know if it is patchouli or what but I am not crazy about that smell.

  30. Erica , Duchess of Linares

    This was a really good product to use but I was expecting more of a longer last. It has a great consistency when you use it but I did feel it to be just a little greasy. My hair is funny ..So i think it’s my hair that doesn’t really respond to this product but overall, to me, it’s really good! I do recommend it to other people who have natural hair and who want to go with the organic route. I definitely use this product!

  31. JD33

    i have long naturally curly hair that I blow dry and flat iron straight. I also get it colored and foiled several shades of blonde every 8 weeks, so my hair takes quite a beating! I spend a lot of time on it, and I want it to look nice all day long. I,actually, used this product on my dry hair, after I finished flat-ironing it. My goal was to tame the fly-aways and keep it frizz free all day. It worked! Not a lot is needed! I just took a small amount and rubbed it in my hands, and then focused that on my very dry ends. Then I took a little more and went over the top of my hair to keep it looking smooth. This is not a tacky or sticky product. You won’t ‘gob it up’ when you use it. The scent is wonderful! I popped it in my bag in cause I experienced some fly aways during the day, but I didn’t! My hair looked great all day.

  32. Julbugsmom

    I love this Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream. My hair is wicked curly and frizzy and what a difference Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream it had made. My hair is now frizz free when I use this wonderful frizz cream. The smell alone is so beautiful. The ingredients are the best so far for my hair. I would recommend Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream.

  33. Jaddie2229

    When I received this item I tried this right away.. the smell is not like regular cream that has a fruity smell.. the smell is more on herbally.. for some people they won’t like the smell but for me I like it.. it can helps me relieve my stress.. this has organic ingredients and good for our hair.. it’s good when u want to style your hair because when u apply it.. it makes the hair stay in place!

  34. Snailgoddess

    I like trying the Seed Phytonutrients Anti-Frizz Smoothing Cream. It was easy to use and worked great. I liked the scent which was light, not overpowering. I also like that this company is eco friendly. I like that the box and tube are both recyclable, the product is vegan, and 98% natural origin. I feel that it works as well as other products I’ve used without all the added chemicals. I would recommend.

  35. clb73

    I absolutely love this product! It does a wonderful job of keeping my hair from looking out of control. I have tried so many products only to waste my money because they simply do not work. I was so pleased after using this cream of how my hair felt. It didn’t weigh my hair down, or cause it to feel greasy. Only a little bit is needed for my medium length hair. I simply couldn’t believe the difference this product made. I also love the simple look of the package!

  36. Hairgoddess1977

    I applied the Anti-frizz smoothing cream, on my damp, towel dried hair, then I used my blow dryer. The product seemed to work fairly well, however my frizz did appear again later on in the day. The fragrance was what I really didn’t like. It’s almost like an herbal type scent, so it was a no go for me.

  37. Jslone16

    Amazing results after one use. Erases all frizziness from your hair instantly. Easy to use and smells amazing with hints of orange. Very small amount needed. Cute all natural packaging. Its vegan. And paraben free. Gluten free and no animal testing. Ultra moisturizing with the shea butter and coconut ingredients. Five stars. Anyone with frizz needs to try this at least once because you will be hooked.

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